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Process Control System

We provide Integrated solutions from Batch start to Batch end i.e. solvent charging, process control with utilities, online monitoring of process, alarms, recording of process parameters, automatic BPR etc.

Operating And Monitoring System

We provide operating and monitoring system which meets all process requirements and covers all aspects of the industry, from the operation of individual machines to the operation of entire systems. We offer SCADA and DAS systems which meets all legal and regulatory compliance like 21CFR part 11.

Data Logging,Trends and Reports

Industries have an essential requirement of keeping electronic records and data secure.We provide reliable and trustworthy solution for data logging andTrends.

Energy Monitoring System:

Energy is controllable cost & therefore energy management is also an integral part of decision making needed for profitability and business success. We provide a smooth and accurate energy saving potentials and give affordable solutions to save energy.

Computer System Validation

Integral Solutions provides computerized Systems Validation in Life science industries which is beneficial for the industry professionals and students aspiring for careers in regulated industries in life science sector.


Integral Solutions is proud to offer a range of regulatory compliance training programs covering the current regulatory requirements in aspects of Computerized Systems Validation in Life science industries and Regulatory Affairs & Submissions.


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