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Integral Solutions Provides complete Industrial Automation Training in Indore and Bhopal.

Our Highly professional and skilled training team which is fully enriched with enthusiasm & dedication is serving as the backbone for our Automation training division and is also contributing towards the complete development cycle of industrial Automation Training.

The Course modules are comprehensive and cover wide range of topics to ensure complete understanding of the subject matter. We practically expose the candidates by providing special training in the field of Industrial Automation. Course Name Course Details Duration
1 Basic Automation Engineer PLC+HMI+SCADA+VFD in Allen Bradley & Schneider 6 week(72 hr)
2 Advanced Automation Engineer PLC+HMI+SCADA+VFD in Allen Bradley & Schneider 3 months(150hr)

Basic Automation Engineer

This Training is for pre-final / final year students or freshers which would help them to develop the understanding about automation and automatic machines. It covers the following:
  • Introduction of PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD.
  • Working of any Automatic Machine.
  • Parameters to be considered while operating an Automatic Machine.
  • Predicting the future problem and troubleshoot the malfunctioning of machines during operation.
  • Creating awareness among candidates about the cause of problems in automation system.
  • Prediction of the future troubles and estimation of the time loss in production and maintenance team due to malfunctioning of machines.
  • Safety and precautionary measures to be taken at the time of handling Automation Panel.
  • Developing the ability of dismantling and assembling the faulty instruments/devices.
  • Knowledge of joint functionality of Software and Hardware part.
  • Functionality of basics electric equipment like MCB,Contactor,RCB,O/L relay and all associated material of Panel.
  • Understanding of Panel Working and relate it with circuit diagram.
  • Understanding cabling, wiring and feruling Topology.
  • Understanding the theory of PLC Automation system.
  • Communication Topology.
  • Troubleshooting extreme problems in minimum time.
  • Replacing existing RLC Logic Panel in automation panel.
  • Modifying existing Programming without changing logic of PLC,HMI,SCADA System.
  • PLC,HMI Program Download and Upload for Regular Brands.

Advance Automation Engineer

This program is to make an expertise for automation system, A person who can design panel and program PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD for any application.
This training covers basics, advance and deep knowledge of Automation
  • All contents of Basic Automation Engineer.
  • Deep knowledge of PLC Software and Hardware of all regular Brands
  • Third Party Communication Protocol.
  • PID Loop control in PLC Ladder.
  • What is working Principle of PLC,HMI,SCADA and VFD.
  • Working with large Automation Programming.
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